Looking Into The Different Types of Online Gambling

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Gambling has been around for centuries. From Mesopotamia to China to modern day gambling, the past time of gambling has been in existence within our world’s cultures for thousands of years. Nowadays, with the advent of modern technology, gambling has become more accessible to users all around the globe by using the internet as a platform for these recreational activities. The online medium is increasing in popularity due to the wide user base of online services and mobile technology.


Online gambling is a form of online entertainment where people set aside their extra gains and choose to let fate decide how their luck turns out with the added convenience of using the internet as a gambling platform. There are a number of available forms of online gambling, each appealing to all kinds of online risk takers, each one briefly explained below:


One of the most common forms of online gambling is sportsbooks, or sporting events. Players can choose to place bets on a number of events. There is no shortage of online sites that offer sports books to online gamblers, as there is a wide number of events to bet on.


Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and more, all of these events can be bet on. Major events like the Super Bowl and Wimbledon can also be legally gambled on using sportsbooks. Even virtual events like fantasy football and fantasy basketball are opportunities for online gamblers to place their bets. Online horse race betting is also another popular form of sportsbooks, and takes up a significant percentage of online gambling.


Casino Games

To complete the online casino experience, there are some online sites that offer online casino games that players can take part in. Using the convenience of your web browser, these sites project the games right on to your personal computer where users are free to place bets and play right from the comfort of their own homes. Some of the games include Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. Speaking of poker, poker games can have above average limits.


These sites offer the same kind of games that one would expect from a typical brick and mortar casino, such as: card games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and dragon tiger. Roulette, spin the wheel, dice games, and slots. These sites utilize specific programs and algorithms to guarantee that the outcome is purely chance, and that nothing is rigged.

how to play poker

Bingo and Online Lotteries

Players can take part in online sweepstakes, lotteries, and contests. Depending on the website, a number of prizes are available, from cash to cars, and even electronics. Taking part of these is as simple as registering yourself into the website. Online bingo is the game of bingo played on the internet.

Online gambling has been growing in popularity in recent years despite many controversies surrounding it, regarding its legality and ethical concerns. However, one cannot deny that online gambling offers a more convenient platform for those enjoy taking part in gambling.

Online Security for Travelers in Egypt and UAE

When traveling abroad it’s always important to take special care and caution and not do something silly or reckless. This holds true for your online activity as well. Knowing what is the best place to go online for safe accommodations or online reservations is important in a country that has one of the highest online fraud rates in the world.

cyber security middleeasteHow to Stay Safe When Working Online in Egypt

Egypt has attracted more and more people who work online and want to keep their identity and activities secure. This is important in a country where the government and other online companies want to follow our activities and spy on our information.

It’s important to keep your identity safe online especially if you’re looking at websites that are banned or even if you’re looking at porn or online videos. There are some websites that we need to avoid if you’re working in Turkey as well.

Is Paypal Safe in Egypt?

Paypal is safe to use in Egypt although if you’re using a lot of big transcations you’ll want to be careful. Your account is going to be under a lot more suspicion if you’re using an Egyptian IP. My suggestion is to use a VPN if you’re in Egypt.

How About UAE?

The UAE is a whole different issue. Knowing how to protect your identity online is very important. Especially considering how many hackers come from this country. There are actually programs made by the government to steal consumer information.

These info leaks have been sold online and monetized by UAE hackers who have sold your data and information online.

How to Do Online Payments in the UAE? fraud rates in UAE

Credit cards are safe to use online as long as the website you’re using is SSL compatible and you can see that it has SSL clearly printed on the top part of the website. Paypal is not something you can use effective in the UAE as there are restrictions on that part of the world.

If you’re worried about theft in the UAE, I would again suggest using a VPN company that can ensure your privacy and also protect you.

Another Great Option – Refillable Payment Cards

Cards like PEX allow you to add money to a “throwaway” card.  You can use this card to add money onto it from another account. For example you could do Paypal to your PEX card and then use your PEX card anywhere online without fear of fraud.

The PEX or any expense card for that matter isn’t tied to your overall bank account rather it’s just the funds that are on that card.

Regardless of where you travel in the Middle East you’ll need to excersise caution both in the country and also when you return to the US or Canada as you’re now identified as someone who has traveled to an unstable region.


Right Host For Your Website: What Should I Look For?

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As entrepreneurs trying to bring in more sales in your business or as bloggers and social influencers who wish to bring in more viewers and followers online or even as an online reviewer of sports games such as boxing , choosing the right web host is a crucial step for you to attain the aforementioned goals.

The important role of a web host is already a given; however, we should not arbitrarily pick out which web host company we will sign up for. We must first ask questions such as “Is Digital Pacific a good host?”. In other words, there must be certain factors which our decisions should be anchored upon.

That said, these are some of the important considerations in choosing the right web host.


  • Different Plans

You must consider the different hosting plans offered by hosting companies. Usually, the cheapest type of hosting is what is known as shared hosting. Usually, individual plans pertain to this type of hosting wherein resources are shared. Although it is the cheapest, it may also be quite ineffective. That said, you must look for a hosting company which also has good deals and offers on other types of hosting plans that may be more effective.

  • Payments and Fees

It’s best to canvass and research on the usual payments and fees for the services rendered by web hosting companies. Stick with a company which is within the bounds of reasonable pricing. However, you may also choose hosting companies that are not that cheap provided that quality service is guaranteed.

  • Customer Support

Choose a company which has fast and reliable technical or customer support. Avoid companies which take too long to respond in important queries and concerns. This is so that in cases of emergencies, you’ll never really be left in dead air for long periods of time.

how web host affects website

  • Bandwidth Allocation

In web hosting, the allotted bandwidth matters as well. Try to stick with a host which offers a reasonable bandwidth allocation. You may even find hosting companies offering unlimited bandwidth for awesome deals although you might want to keep in mind that unlimited is never truly unlimited.

  • Speed and Reliability

Common sense dictates that if potential customers constantly cannot gain access to your website, they will definitely become uninterested for no one really wants to deal with a website that’s always down. Hence, you must choose a company with great speed and reliability in terms of up-time. One way to do this is by by reading reviews and obtaining feedback on that certain web host.

  • Security

Another important factor to consider is the guarantee of security. Unfortunately, there have been cases of hackers breaking into web hosting servers. With this in mind, you must ensure that the company you sign up for can guarantee safety of your passwords and other information.


In some situations wherein feedback and comments from previous customers of that web host company is unavailable, you’ll have to find out yourself whether or not the company you chose is truly the one for you. At the end of the day, the main goal is to put your website up and running, available and accessible to customers; this should be the anchor of the decision you will make in choosing the right host.


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1. 機器選定後,可先行了解主要獎項有哪些、以何種圖案為代表、下注線有幾條、每條線的上下額度為多少。

2. 開始時,只下注一條線的最低額,譬如以一角錢重複下注30、40或50次,讓機器在最低賭注下運轉數十回。 在此時,注意觀察是否有主要獎項出現,如果出現了中獎圖案 (此時機器並不會給賠,因為最低下注通常不涵蓋該獎) ,則再以最低下注,讓機器重新運轉數十回。

3. 倘若機器運轉數十回當中,均未出現主要獎項,則可開始加碼下注,直到拉出主要獎項後,再回到最低下注數十次方式,如此週而復始、交替進行。



俗語有云「勤儉致富」、「耕耘有成」,但是從未聽過「賭博致富之說。到賭城的主要目的是休閒渡假,玩吃角子老虎,只是渡假中的一環。因此不宜有過重的得失心,容易造成本末倒置。若將小贏視為「甜點」,小輸則猶如「苦瓜」,各有不同的滋味。餐桌上只有一大盤苦瓜,固然會吃得蠻辛苦;然而,桌上如果全部都堆滿甜品,其它食物一無所有,又教人如何下注,不是嗎 !?

A Computer Geeks Guide to Beginning Boxing

For any mixed martial artist making the phase change from amateur to pro fighting, it is considered the true launch of one’s career as they embark on their long expedition toward greatness in the sport.

Hailing from Pittston, Pennsylvania, 28-year-old Gary Peters will be making a big transition in his career as he makes his professional debut at Cage Fight 11 on March 17 against Billy Dee Williams.

Dedicated, diligent, and humble with over five years of experience and eight fights under his belt, Peters has always been a constant seeker toward bettering himself as a fighter. By following this winning formula it has assisted him in being fully prepared for the long venture that awaits him during his conversion into the pro ranks.

USCS got the opportunity to speak with Peters as he talks about his development as a fighter, his upcoming fight, and future aspirations. He also shared his thoughts on his recommend gloves for newbies

Everyone has had their own reason for pursuing a career in MMA. What was your reason for wanting to become a fighter?

Gary Peters: Originally I just wanted to learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to be able to defend myself. I was one of the smaller guys growing up but realized soon after watching Royce in action that size isn’t always the determining factor. Like everyone else I was a little skeptical the techniques could work so easily against an untrained opponent. After a few online instructional videos I was surprising much larger friends of mine who played power sports such as football and weightlifting. Seeing how I was able to see results so quickly without proper instruction, I immediately found a place to train regularly with students of various skill levels. I was able to pick-up details quickly and had the “never quit” attitude. Those attributes enabled me to excel in various grappling tournaments and eventually caused me to crave more competition. I found myself spending more and more time with the “MMA Guys” and wanting to learn new skills. Eventually my focus shifted from just being able to defend myself to wanting to test myself in the cage.

Thinking back to when you first started, what would you say has been the most enjoyable part about your experience?

Gary Peters: Martial Arts have been the most positive influence on my life. I enjoy being able to help all of my training partners and new students who walk through the door every day. Because of Martial Arts I am a more confident and respectful person. Knowing how many people care about your success is priceless and is absolutely my favorite experience as a fighter.

What has been the most difficult hurdle you encountered thus far and how did you overcome it?

Gary Peters: The most difficult hurdle I had to overcome was my unanimous decision loss as an amateur fighter. I started out 3-0 high on life thinking I was on the fast path to the pros. This was a huge wake-up call and caused me to focus more on other aspects of my training such as Boxing, Judo and Wrestling. I learned quickly to excel against higher forms of competition I would need to be a well-rounded fighter and train harder than ever. It is important to listen to your coaches, maintain a humble attitude and take everything in. Your coaches know more than you do, listen to them.

Making your amateur debut several years ago, what were some of the feelings and emotions you were experiencing heading into your first fight?

Gary Peters: Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. The first time I saw my opponent was at the weigh-ins and he was huge. Well in my mind he was anyway, even though we were in the same weight class. My mind was racing and I was nervous for sure. Despite his intimidating look he was actually a pretty nice guy and didn’t “mean mug” me once. A great majority of MMA fighters are respectful but like any other sport you will always have a few who lack that characteristic. The bout only lasted one minute and forty-seven seconds. A time permanently burned into my mind as a reminder of what hard work can do for a novice kid trying to become a fighter. I managed to come out on top with a submission victory and carried the momentum into my next two fights.

Some fighters have more amateur fights than others. With eight amateur fights under your credentials, how important was it for you to build experience before deciding to go pro?

Gary Peters: Every fighter that competes in the Amateur ranks does so with varying levels of skill and ability. My personal belief is that any fighter looking to fight pro should have at least 5-10 Amateur fights before making the transition. MMA isn’t like football or basketball where you need to be 21 years old, able to run a certain time and jump a certain height. Skill, mental toughness, heart, experience and conditioning play much larger roles. The Amateur rank should be used as a testing ground to see what areas you need to work on before transitioning into a pro. In other words, don’t rush it!

Speak of going pro, you will be making your professional debut this month. For those MMA hopefuls out there, what is the transition like?

Gary Peters: Fortunately for me the transition hasn’t been too bad because I train all year. I’m not one of the guys who come in two months before a fight to get in shape. I love the history and techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing so learning more about them is exciting to me. Think about things that excite you in life. I’m sure you could go on for hours thinking about them or studying them. Having martial arts as my primary interest allows me to enjoy what I’m doing rather than making it feel like work. I guess the bottom line is if you already train every possible day as I do you will transition just fine. If you do not train as often as you feel a pro needs to then you need to either find further motivation or decide whether this kind of career is right for you.

Going into your debut how important is this fight for Gary Peters?

Gary Peters: My first fight meant the most to me up until my last Amateur fight in November 2011. I fought a really tough opponent for the Welterweight Title and managed to come out on top. Now that I have the confidence and experience to turn pro I feel this is the most important fight in my career. I am positive I will start off in the right direction, one step at a time.

What has been the mental and physical preparation like or isn’t it any difference compared to your past fights?

Gary Peters: This one is different because I have absolute confidence in my abilities. I am mentally prepared and focused to fight. This fight cannot come fast enough, I would fight tonight if I could. Physically it has been more exhausting because I am doing much more sparring and conditioning work in preparation for the five minute rounds. The pressure guys put on themselves before even stepping into the cage is draining as well. You have to make sure you are in the absolute best shape of your life.

Looking onward what are some of the things you are looking forward to through this venture?

Gary Peters: Ultimately I would like to compete for the largest MMA promotions in the world. I have the work ethic to get there but for right now I only see my next opponent. I try not to get caught up in the distant future since so much can change in an instant. I like to focus on my next task, successfully complete that task and move on to the next. Even though I do have a good amount of experience in the cage I still consider myself an infant. There is so much more to learn and incorporate into my game. My coaches show me things every day where I wonder why I never thought of it before. As long as I can continue to learn and grow as a fighter the sky is the limit.

Finally define Gary Peters the fighter?

Gary Peters: Most people who look at me don’t believe I’m an MMA fighter because I do not have an intimidating look or act like an obnoxious “tough guy.” I think it’s sad many people relate to fighters in that way but I think as more people realize this is a sport and we are athletes their perceptions will change. I have a full time job, attend college classes and train six days per week. I’m normally the first one in and the last one out for the night classes. I have the work ethic and mindset to achieve anything in life. When I’m not preparing for a fight I am normally helping out other students and doing what I can to help promote Scranton MMA.

Would you thank anyone before we wrap up?

Gary Peters: I’d like to say thank you to my girlfriend MaiLynn who is amazingly supportive of my training, my coaches Jeff Reese, Chris Mills, Tom McGuire, Tyler Calvey, Vito Picozzo, all of my training partners at Scranton MMA, all of the people who spend their hard earned money to purchase a ticket to watch me fight and of course all of my friends & family who make all of this worthwhile.

On Projectors: Things You Should Know Before Buying One

uses of projectors

You may have been thinking that projectors are only useful in school for lectures and presentations; but on second thought, projectors have also actually been on the rise because of outdoor theater purposes.

A lot of families and homeowners have ventured into creating their own outdoor cinema at the back of their homes; many would throw a movie night or movie party with their relatives and friends as this is much easier than going to the cinema as a battalion.

Picking the right projector system to survive the backyard is tricky, we found this resource here to help you out.

Quick Outdoor Theater Guide

Basically, when starting your own outdoor theater, you will need the following things:

  • Space for the outdoor theater
  • Wide and tall wall or cloth to serve as a screen or an inflatable screen
  • Laptop or DVD player
  • Projector and speakers or sound system
  • Chairs, blankets, pillows, etc.
  • Movie snacks and drinks
  • Movies

Out of all the outdoor theater essentials listed above, perhaps the most controversial one is the projector. Aside from being probably the most expensive thing needed, it also determines the quality of what will be played on the screen.

With that said, this article will guide you in getting to know the projector that best suits your preference.

Types of Projector

  • LCD

LCD projectors are the most commonly used type. However, it is a bit more expensive than DLP ones. LCD projectors are very compact and has good saturation; it also has great brightness options. However, over time, LCD may lose image quality.

  • DLP

Using mirrors to reflect images, DLP projectors project smooth images. It is highly accurate without shadow problems and it may have high ratio of contrast. However, it has a limited number of pixels and is not as bright as LCD.

Projector Brightness

For projectors, brightness is measured in ANSI lumens. Choosing the best brightness option is quite tricky as it has to be able to relay a clear and sharp image without tiring the human eyes.

  • Below 1,000 lumens

This is good for small-sized screens that are located in dark rooms. Although projectors with this brightness are the cheapest, it also may have the lowest quality.

  • 1,000 to 2,000 lumens

Projectors with this feature are suitable for rooms that are dimly-lit. This also works well for small to average-sized screens. This brightness range is the most common one among projectors.

  • 3,000 lumens

With this range, the projector will work well with small, average or large screens. In addition, this will also work well with ambient lighting as projectors with this range is flexible to lighting.

  • Above 3,000 lumens

As the most expensive range, projectors possessing above 3,000 lumens are very bright. The screen might be too bright if this is placed in a room that is dark. This would be suitable in an area with some lighting.

best projector for outdoor cinema

Projector Resolution

The resolution depends on the number of pixels that can be projected. Understandably, the higher the clearer the images will be. For an affordable price, projectors with 1280 x 1720 resolution offers a good quality of Blu-ray and DVD videos. When projecting computer system to the screen, 1280 x 1768 may work well. As for the best and most expensive, but still affordable, resolution, 1920 x 1080 works best.

Projector Throw Ratio

This ratio refers to how far the projector needs to be from the screen in order to reflect good quality images. Try to check the specifications of the projector as this is listed in there. Take note of the size of your outdoor cinema screen in order to know what throw ratio is best.

The Rise of Miami Super Yachts

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One of the statement  of rich people who want to show off is a yacht and Miami seems like it is aiming to become the playground for boys with expensive marina toys.

Recreational area

New facilities are opening and getting ready to cater to the most exclusive tastes of mega yachts owners, accommodating vessels up to 500 feet and allowing the owners the luxury of stepping down directly from the boat to the elite locations such as restaurants, hotels and perhaps a casino.

Yet, this extravaganza is also good for the city, as Forbes cites Efrem “Skip” Zimbalist III, Manager of the Progressive Miami Boat Show:

“[…] megayachts are “job creation machines” as operating costs of a yacht typically run about 10 percent of sale price, so on the $500 million species, the owner is spending $50 million annually between crew, fuel, port charges and upkeep. Refueling a large yacht can run to $250,000 and depending on how much sailing you are doing, you might be back at the pump in several weeks. A paint job can cost up to $3 million. He noted that increasingly moguls use superyachts as business tools. Roman Abramovich, keeps a superyacht in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia at all times to use as a venue for meetings.”

This is good reasoning since yachts have the advantage of being intimate, offering confidentiality and the opportunity to bring your own trusted staff.

Yacht trends

“Over the top is usually an understatement of what a mega yacht can offer and usually imagination is the only limitation, when money is no object.  Aa luxury yacht owner you can ask for pools, bars, Jacuzzi spots, maybe even a golf area or your own movie theater. As long as you can name it and pay for it, a team of engineers and designers will most likely turn it into reality.  A Dutch super yacht builder explained:

“The big trend at the moment is that clients want bigger platforms to fit more guests and, at the same time, be closer to the water and the surrounding environment. They are asking for infinity pools, which are pools that give a visual effect of the water extending into the horizon, as well as waterfalls. The waterfalls look beautiful but they can also create a water banner, depending on the amount of water gushing, to enable a privacy shield. They can also be used to project movies onto it.

A major, and quite impressive, customization requirement is actually an engineering one, rather than design. One client wanted their 70-metre super yacht to have a 30+ knot speed (around 35 miles per hour). We added a third engine, a Rolls-Royce central booster jet to increase the speed.”

Top of the Line Yachts

When it comes to the toy of the moment, the one item that would make the object of envy among the super rich and could be easily the choice of the next Bond set is called Silver Fast and it is on sale at Miami for the staggering price of $90 million (or a few cents cheaper in fact).

The  Yachts Miami Beach Show is featuring this 253 ft long piece of casted in aluminum as its crown jewel since it is a nice marriage between state of the art engineering and pure beauty, as the Miami New Times describes it:

“To give you an idea of just how fancy this yacht is, many of its promo pictures have a Mercedes-Benz S-class Cabriolet riding atop its bow. Naturally, the boat also features a helipad and eight-person hot tub. It also reaches a top speed of 27 knots (that’s 31 mph for you landlubbers).”

Of course, there are more down to earth options to enjoy wind in your hair on the top deck and we have asked a representative of Miami Yacht Charters what are the latest trends clients are asking for. They said that a lot of their young jet-setters want to engage in high adrenaline sports like jet skiing and fly board, while the 50+ age group is focusing on high class experience and they had to seek more experience chefs to cater to the rising demands.

What is Canton Fair?

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The China Foreign Trade Centre group will organize the Canton Fair 2016 (October, Autumn) or the 120th China Import and Export Fair 2016 (CIEF) on Oct. 15-16, 23-27 and 31-Nov. 4 at the China Import and Export Fair, Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. The upcoming fair will feature new technology products, such as computers, mobile devices and peripherals specifically on Oct. 15 to 16. It will be joined by leading companies who will release fresh products and patented technologies aside from their flagship designs.

Done every spring and autumn, the Canton Fair has become the most comprehensive trade show with the longest history, the most complete in exhibit variety, the largest scale, the highest level and the widest distribution and has the highest business business turnover. Thanks to the support of its massive visitors and exhibitors.


The fair exhibits more than 150,000 kinds of quality Chinese products as well as commodities with unique features outside the country. Chinese products have a renew rate of more than 40 percent each session, according to ChinaExhibition.com. The fair shows various high quality products with reasonable price.

The Canton Fair started in the spring of 1957 in Guaznghou. It is composed of 48 trading delegations, as well as thousands of foreign trade firms, invested enterprises, private businesses, factories and scientific research institutions that have strong financial capability and good credibility.

The 119th session or the Canton Fair Spring 2016 on April 15 to May 5, 2016 covered an exhibition venue of 1.18 million square meters. It offered 60,233 stands and drew 24,514 local and international enterprises, according to Travel China Guide. The export turnover was about $28.08 billion, while the upcoming 120th session is expected to be more magnificent and promising.

People from the elite business sector visit the fair to communicate and trade in various ways to provide massive chances of commerce. Aside from the typical negotiation with samples, the fair has an online way of trade. It also deals with import trade, technological and economic cooperation and exchange, as well as commodity inspection, transportation, consultation, insurance and advertising.


The upcoming Canton Fair Autumn 2016 will be composed of three phases:

• Phase I on Oct. 15 to 19, 2016 will feature electronics and household electrical appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles and spare parts, machinery, hardware and tools, energy resources, chemical products and building materials. This includes computers, audio-video, computer peripherals and communication products like mobiles, fax machines and other communication facilities.

• Phase II on Oct. 23 to 27, 2016 will focus on consumer goods, home decorations and gifts.

• Phase III on Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, 2016 will have office supplies, recreation products, cases and bags, food, medicines, medical devices, health product, shoes, textiles and garments.

Those who have an Invitation Card for the fair could apply for a visa to China, register and get a free fair entry badge. Application for the invitation card was before Sept. 30. The Invitation Card are of two kinds, the E-Invitation Card and the Paper Invitation Card.

The E-card is sent by email and a copied one is valid and can be shared by a group of representatives from the same company. The Paper Card, which is also sent through email, is a precondition card for visitors of Canton Fair who are applying for a visa to China. A single invitation card can be shared by three representatives from the same company while a copied one is invalid.