Online Security for Travelers in Egypt and UAE

When traveling abroad it’s always important to take special care and caution and not do something silly or reckless. This holds true for your online activity as well. Knowing what is the best place to go online for safe accommodations or online reservations is important in a country that has one of the highest online fraud rates in the world.

cyber security middleeasteHow to Stay Safe When Working Online in Egypt

Egypt has attracted more and more people who work online and want to keep their identity and activities secure. This is important in a country where the government and other online companies want to follow our activities and spy on our information.

It’s important to keep your identity safe online especially if you’re looking at websites that are banned or even if you’re looking at porn or online videos. There are some websites that we need to avoid if you’re working in Turkey as well.

Is Paypal Safe in Egypt?

Paypal is safe to use in Egypt although if you’re using a lot of big transcations you’ll want to be careful. Your account is going to be under a lot more suspicion if you’re using an Egyptian IP. My suggestion is to use a VPN if you’re in Egypt.

How About UAE?

The UAE is a whole different issue. Knowing how to protect your identity online is very important. Especially considering how many hackers come from this country. There are actually programs made by the government to steal consumer information.

These info leaks have been sold online and monetized by UAE hackers who have sold your data and information online.

How to Do Online Payments in the UAE? fraud rates in UAE

Credit cards are safe to use online as long as the website you’re using is SSL compatible and you can see that it has SSL clearly printed on the top part of the website. Paypal is not something you can use effective in the UAE as there are restrictions on that part of the world.

If you’re worried about theft in the UAE, I would again suggest using a VPN company that can ensure your privacy and also protect you.

Another Great Option – Refillable Payment Cards

Cards like PEX allow you to add money to a “throwaway” card.  You can use this card to add money onto it from another account. For example you could do Paypal to your PEX card and then use your PEX card anywhere online without fear of fraud.

The PEX or any expense card for that matter isn’t tied to your overall bank account rather it’s just the funds that are on that card.

Regardless of where you travel in the Middle East you’ll need to excersise caution both in the country and also when you return to the US or Canada as you’re now identified as someone who has traveled to an unstable region.


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