Top Good Three Reasons Why Choose Cutting Boards from Virginia Boys Kitchens

Cutting board is one of the important accessories in the kitchen that protects your expensive countertop from any damages caused by the sharp edges a kitchen knife.

Cutting boards can either be made from plastic or wood. Also, it can be in form of any size and shape. However, there is one kind of cutting board that you should really consider buying, and that’s a wooden-made cutting board – not just any wooden cutting board, but a board made from Virginia Boys Kitchens.

The Virginia Boys Kitchen is now a popular company that designs, creates, and sells quality-made kitchen wood products such as cutting boards, cheese boards, serving trays, handle boards, and more. All products are authentically designed that will fit your modern kitchen design. So, why choose a really great kitchen accessory that is made from sustainably sourced local woods from Virginia Boys Kitchens? Here are the top three reasons why:

Reason #1: Guaranteed safe to use

A wooden cutting board is a lot better than using a plastic one, not only because it can keep your knife from getting dull just too soon after the last time you tried to make it sharp, but because the former is a lot safer to use than the latter.

According to several studies, cutting boards that are made from quality wood are less likely inhabited by bacteria than plastic-made. The reason behind it is because plastic boards that are regularly used will start to chip away, making it difficult to maintain or remove any food remains, especially from meat and fish. Thus, without proper maintenance, bad bacteria will start to build-up on the board and may cause cross-contamination, leading to diarrhea, worst fatal food poisoning.

Wooden cutting boards from Virginia Boys Kitchens are made from quality wood, particularly walnut – one of the most durable and strongest trees – which do not easily falter from any cutting force; this means, since the walnut are hard enough that do not easily chip-away, as plastics do, there is less chance of the bacteria to penetrate through the wood and microscopically inhabit the board.

Plus, wooden cutting boards are easy to maintain, especially when you use coating oil.

Reason #2: It is gentle on your knife

While the cutting boards from Virginia Boys Kitchens are hard and durable, they are gentle on your knife. Hardwoods such as maple, walnut, and more, has the ability to self-heal; this means that no matter how many times you cut or slice the board, it won’t get rough – where roughness on the cutting board’s surface is one of the common reasons why knife becomes dull easily.

Reason #3: It is classically stylish

The Virginia Boys Kitchens assures that when they had designed the cutting board, it will fit whatever kitchen design you currently have. The design and color are simple, yet elegantly favorable to your taste.

So, if you are currently in search for the best, durable, stylish, and quality-made cutting board, you should consider buying wooden-made one; more likely, a cutting board made from the Virginia Boys Kitchens.

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