Preloaded Flash Drives: Where You Should Buy A Bulk?

One of the revolutionary storage devices today is the ultra-portable flash drives, and one of the popular flash drives are the preloaded ones.

Data preloading is an innovative way of data uploading into the USB flash drive – you no longer need to pay too much time, money, and effort just to load data, files, and even software to multiple USB flash drives.

If you are currently looking for a bulk of preloaded flash drive, you should visit this page to see how they can help you. CFgear is one of the reliable makers and distributors of high-quality USBs in the market today. Here are a few of their preloading software that you may take advantage:

  • CFgear logicdrives TM

One of the versatile software that will allow the companies to manage their files without any hassle, especially when your company needs to distribute copies to multiple USBs, is the CFgear logicdrives. Also, the software allows you to update the data fast and easy through the automated document system.

Preloading all the company USBs with CFgear logicdrives will allow you to install current file and essential materials, including the products and services that your company is trying to offer.

  • The PowertieTM Interface

Popular software that you might want to take advantage is the PowertieTM Interface, which allows you to update the content design without experiencing the complexities of designing USB content; plus, with its six navigational buttons with background image that are designed customizable, you do not need to consult and pay too much in updating a bulk of USB flash drives.

  • USB Flash Drive Duplication

If you are tired of manual flash drive duplication, you should contact CFgear’s customer service now. If you need to preload a bulk of USB flash drives with company data, files, PowerPoint, Audio, Videos, and more, CFgear can handle that without paying too much. Plus, you do not have to wait for too long just have all your files uploaded to a bulk of flash drives because CFgear works fast and efficient.

  • Non-erasable content

It is unavoidable that there will be some employees that will try to delete some files that are saved in a company USB flash drive for personal use. If you want to keep the company files secured, you have to install software that will lock all your company data saved in your company USB flash drive, and the best company to help you is the CFgear. They offer such service that will help you safely save data on preload USB flash drive without worrying that it’ll be deleted or overwritten.

  • Password Encryption

Another innovative software that will secure the content of your USB flash drive is the CFgear’s password encryption service. The CFgear will create an encrypted disk drive that will help you store sensitive information from unauthorized access.

There are a lot more preloading software or services that you need to take advantage at CFgear; so, if you are looking for a better way to load company data to a bulk of USB flash drives, CFgear is the best choice.

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