DAQifi’s First High Quality DAQ System Capable of Wireless Data Acquisition

DAQ or data acquisition is an industry that is poised to explode in the coming years.  As demand for big data increases so do the capabilities and systems that gather it. While the trend of “big data” has presented huge obstacles in data aggregation it also brings with it some amazing opportunities for change.

Big data has been coined the “rocket fuel” of artificial intelligence, allowing systems to analyze large volumes of data for inconsistencies and patterns. To explain it simply big data refers to volumes of data that are simply too huge for humans to analyze let alone comprehend.

Growth in big data hopes to change industries through a few major roles:

  • Notice trends that were previously unexamined.
  • Quantify and evaluate processes that have become industry orthodoxy.
  • Allow for improved iteration and modification of already existing data models
  • Identify inconsistencies
  • Improve efficiency.

Data Acquisition and Big Data – Partners in Crime

When it comes to aggregating large amounts of data one of hte most beneficial method of doing so is using data acquisition systems also known as DAQ systems. One of the companies that CMP Exchange has become quite familiar with in the last few months is www.daqifi.com.

Based in Colorado, DAQ provides high-quality data loggers, temperature loggers and a variety of other instruments used to collect data from remote locations or previously unaccessible locations.  While this technology isn’t revolutionary, lower production costs have allowed DAQifi to develop a low cost datalogger which can be used in conjunction with a “set” of other machines.

Traditionally data logging instruments were used individually but with lower cost models dataloggers can be used in tandem providing uninterrupted data from multiple locations. We have used DAQ new product the NYquist on several occasion. For more information please visit DAQifi.